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Weatherproof Control Boxes

CB Series Weatherproof Control Boxes 

Remotely Operate Electric or Pneumatic Actuators

  • Remote operation of electric or pneumatic actuators
  • Compact design
  • High strength, chemical resistant, weatherproof enclosure
  • Available with lamp indication for feedback confirmation of actuator/valve position
  • Long life lamps for 100,000 hours continuous use
  • Protected LED modules
  • Get instant accurate pricing

Control Box LED Pilot Lights Ideal for Industrial Applications

Typical time, process and money saving applications where Assured Automation’s CB Series Control Boxes are used:

  • To Energize Motor Starters, Pumps, Valve Actuators both Electric and Pneumatic (solenoid operated) when placed on the control side of an electrical circuit.
  • To provide local indication / confirmation of a Valve position, Open or Closed.
  • To provide local indication for level sensing devices such as a Low or High alarm feedback.
  • To provide simple on/off control eliminating the use of a full size control panel and terminal blocks.

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CB Series Weather-Proof Valve Control Boxes

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