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Category: Flow Meters

  • Using Interactive Flow Meter Configurators to Quickly and Easily Quote and Order

    Using Interactive Flow Meter Configurators to Quickly and Easily Quote and Order

    Whether you run a full-scale brewery or have a home brew setup, selecting, quoting and ordering flow meters quickly and easily is of paramount importance. How many times have you called a company for a quote and had to wait days for the salesperson to get back to you, only then to encounter further delays […]

  • Low-cost Easy to Use Batch Controller

    Low-cost Easy to Use Batch Controller

    The new ABC-2020 Automatic Batch Controllerfeaturing the BIG Blinking Blue Button and Assured Automation announce the release of the ABC-2020 Automatic Batch Controller. It is low cost and extremely simple to use. It works with any meter that has a pulse output and either a valve or pump. The operator simply uses the arrow […]

  • Magnetic Flow Meter Basics

    Magnetic Flow Meter Basics

    A magnetic flow meter, also referred to as mag flow meter or magmeter, is a volumetric flow meter that measures liquids or liquid slurries that have a minimum conductivity of 5 µS/cm.  Magnetic flow meters will typically not work with hydrocarbons, distilled water, non-aqueous solutions and non-conductive solutions. Magnetic flow meters utilize Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic […]

  • Lead Free Brass Hot Water Meter

    Lead Free Brass Hot Water Meter

    WM-NLCH Series –Multijet Totalizing Water Meter Ideal for Hot Water Sub Metering Applications The WM-NLCH Series lead free hot water meter is a user friendly, multi-jet totalizing brass water meter.  The WM-NLCH Series can handle water up to 194° F and features a removable and cleanable strainer at the inlet of the measuring chamber. Available in […]

  • Make your Water Flow Meter into a Digital Water Meter

    Make your Water Flow Meter into a Digital Water Meter

    Adding a Remote Digital Display with Reset to a Mechanical Water Flow Meter. Mechanical water meters commonly used for residential and commercial water metering are typically “Totalizer Only.” This means that they simply measure the water that passes through them in their lifetime. The registers can only be read locally at the meter itself. This […]

  • Water Meter Troubleshooting

    Water Meter Troubleshooting

    On occasion our sales team will receive a troubleshooting call relating to one of our products. The following pertains to a WM-NLC water meter that was not registering flow rates properly. Problem: The customer was using a WM-NLC flow meter to measure the blow down water on his building’s process cooling system. During his weekly inspection of the meter, he noticed that  “the […]

  • Can Plastic Water Meters Foil Thieves?

    Can Plastic Water Meters Foil Thieves?

    Plastic Water Meters Good Alternative to Brass Meters Prone To Theft The price of scrap metal is on the rise and a scary trend is being seen throughout the US. Individuals are ransacking businesses and vacant homes stealing copper and brass fixtures to sell for scrap. After a 2012 theft of brass water meters valued […]

  • Garden Hose Water Meters

    Garden Hose Water Meters

    Mechanical and Digital Garden Hose Water Meter Its time to take control of your water usage with a flow meter from Assured Automation. We offer a variety of flow meters, with one that is right for you. Our mechanical water meters are non-resettable totalizers which simply measure how much water has passed through them. (WM-PC, […]

  • Beer Brewers Use Assured Automation G2 Series Flow Meters to Maintain Consistent Quality

    Beer Brewers Use Assured Automation G2 Series Flow Meters to Maintain Consistent Quality

    Problem: A craft brewery was looking for a multi purpose meter to accurately measure hot water added into the mash tank as well as measure chemicals during the cleaning process. The staff was looking for a versatile meter that would be easy to install in-line, included an easy-to-read display and could be mounted in different […]

  • Pool Leakage in Florida

    Pool Leakage in Florida

    Several Assured Automation water meters are popular among pool owners who monitor their water usage for pool leakages. Two favored products for their durability and low cost are the Economy Series digital water meter and the analog WM-PC water meter. The following illustrates what many Floridian families with year-round pools face. Problem A family of four in […]

  • Multipurpose Turbine Flow Meter

    Multipurpose Turbine Flow Meter

    The Assured Automation DM-P Multi-Purpose Flow Meter is a general purpose, in-line turbine flow meter that is ideal for measuring the flow of water, detergents, DEF(diesel exhaust fluid) and other low viscosity liquids. The MPFM meter can be mounted in any orientation, or at the end of a hose. For ease of reading, the display […]

  • New Lead Free Water Meter

    New Lead Free Water Meter

    WM-PC Series Economy Plastic Water Meter Ideal for Metering and Sub-Metering The WM-PC Series plastic water meter by Assured Automation is an impeller style meter available in sizes 1/2″ to 1-1/2″ with a dry type register for use in residential and commercial applications. The WM-PC is designed to meet the new federal regulations that require […]