Garden Hose Water Meters

Mechanical and Digital Garden Hose Water Meter


Its time to take control of your water usage with a flow meter from Assured Automation. We offer a variety of flow meters, with one that is right for you.

Garden hose water meter

WM-PC Lead Free Plastic Water Meter

Our mechanical water meters are non-resettable totalizers which simply measure how much water has passed through them. (WM-PC, WM-NLC)They are available in plastic and lead free brass and come in sizes from 1/2″ to 2″. They are tamper proof.

Mechanical water meters measure extremely low flow rates and have a leak detector which  moves noticeably  even  at 3x less than the published low flow rate.

They are perfect for condominium or town house developments where there is one common outdoor spigot which is used by all tenants.  This shared spigot is commonly part of a single tenants water system so measuring community use is necessary for accurate reimbursement by the condo association.

Garden Hose Water Meter

Garden Hose Water Meter

Assured Automation also offers a selection of digital water meters which are compact, lightweight and CAN be reset. While all models are totalizers (Economy Series, A1, TM) some can also display real time flow rate. Some have a resettable batch total and some can be field calibrated.

Garden hose adapters allow for easy connection of these meters either between the spigot and hose or between the hose and nozzle.

Digital meters are commonly used while filling ponds and pools; to calculate the size, track seasonal usage, help determine if there is a leak  or to calculate the proper amount of chemicals needed.

To select the meter that is right for your application visit Assured Automation at




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