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Tag: WM-PC Series mechanical water meter

  • Can Plastic Water Meters Foil Thieves?

    Can Plastic Water Meters Foil Thieves?

    Plastic Water Meters Good Alternative to Brass Meters Prone To Theft The price of scrap metal is on the rise and a scary trend is being seen throughout the US. Individuals are ransacking businesses and vacant homes stealing copper and brass fixtures to sell for scrap. After a 2012 theft of brass water meters valued […]

  • Garden Hose Water Meters

    Garden Hose Water Meters

    Mechanical and Digital Garden Hose Water Meter Its time to take control of your water usage with a flow meter from Assured Automation. We offer a variety of flow meters, with one that is right for you. Our mechanical water meters are non-resettable totalizers which simply measure how much water has passed through them. (WM-PC, […]

  • Pool Leakage in Florida

    Pool Leakage in Florida

    Several Assured Automation water meters are popular among pool owners who monitor their water usage for pool leakages. Two favored products for their durability and low cost are the Economy Series digital water meter and the analog WM-PC water meter. The following illustrates what many Floridian families with year-round pools face. Problem A family of four in […]

  • New Lead Free Water Meter

    New Lead Free Water Meter

    WM-PC Series Economy Plastic Water Meter Ideal for Metering and Sub-Metering The WM-PC Series plastic water meter by Assured Automation is an impeller style meter available in sizes 1/2″ to 1-1/2″ with a dry type register for use in residential and commercial applications. The WM-PC is designed to meet the new federal regulations that require […]