ABC Series Automatic Batch Controller

Low-cost, Easy to Use Controller for use with a meter and a valve or pump
Automatic Batch Controller



The ABC is a simple controller that works with a meter and a valve or pump. You simply set the volume that you want in Gallons and hit start. The valve will open or the pump will turn on and the meter will begin measuring the flow. Once the desired amount has been dispensed, the valve will close or the pump will turn off. The controller works with any meter that has a pulse output and any electrically or pneumatically (air driven) actuated valve. The controller is a stand-alone enclosure that mounts easily to a vertical or horizontal pipe or a wall. It can also be simply set on a desktop or countertop.

Let the experts at Assured Automation help you select the best complete system for your batching, dosing, or dispensing application.


Typical System Examples

Typical Batch Control System with a Valve
Typical Batch Control System with a Pump

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to Use
    Just set the volume and press GO
  • Versatile
    Works with any meter having a pulse output and many types of valves
  • Self Contained
    Stand alone unit - no need to install in a panel
  • Easy to Install
    All wires are simple push-in connectors
  • Clear Status Indicatio
    the BIG Blinking Blue Button™ indicates status at all times

Available Valves

The ABC controller has uses a 12VDC (up to 3A) control signal to directly power an electric valve, the control solenoid of a spring return actuator, or a relay to control a valve or pump. Assured Automation provides a wide range of valve options for use with the batch controller.

Available Meters

The ABC controller works in conjuction with a dry contact pulse input. This is a common form of pulse output provided by basic mechanical water meters.

Standard Programs

  • 20ths of gallons (WM-PD only)
  • 10ths of gallons
  • Whole gallons (or liters)
  • 10 gallons (or liters)
  • 100 gallons (or liters)
  • With Lockout (prevents double bacthing)
  • Water Limiter (Auto-starts on power up daily)

Call for details and help selecting the right system and program for your needs.

Typical Applications

Food and Beverage

  • Cold or hot water for batch mixing in commercial kitchens
  • Kettle filling for breweries

Construction and Trades

  • Paving trucks
  • Cement trucks
  • Concrete mixing

Water Treatment & Municipal

  • Filling trucks for bulk water delivery
  • Filling tanks on brush fire trucks
  • Dispensing potable water from truck to customers

Industry and Manufacturing

  • Batch mixing for sealers, paints, and other products that are largely water
  • Dispensing mixed product into retail containers
  • Filling IBC totes

Campgrounds and RV Parks

  • Limiting water use by campers to what they have paid for
  • Filling RV water tanks


  • Pool and pond filling
  • Lawn and garden watering

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