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We Make Valve Automation Easy

Low-cost Easy to Use Batch Controller

Automatic Batch Controller
The new ABC-2020 Automatic Batch Controller
featuring the BIG Blinking Blue Button

Overview and Assured Automation announce the release of the ABC-2020 Automatic Batch Controller. It is low cost and extremely simple to use. It works with any meter that has a pulse output and either a valve or pump. The operator simply uses the arrow keys to set the batch volume, then presses the start button. The valve opens or the pump turns on. The meter measures the liquid throughput and reports it to the controller. The controller closes the valve or turns the pump off when the set total is reached. That’s all there is to it!

The controller features the BIG Blinking Blue Button™ which is the Start/Stop Button and also indicates the status of the controller at all times. It blinks every second while a batch is running and 10 times per second when the batch is near completion. It remains lit when the batch has completed and the controller is ready to run another.

Hardware Components
Since the controller, meter, and valve or pump are separate components, the user can tailor the system to best fit their application. This not only allows for the selection of the best components, it also offers the ability to create the ultimate installation by carefully selecting where each component is placed. All wiring will be done with simple thermostat wire.

These three components create an easy to use batching system

weatherproof box for batch controllerThe controller is a self-contained compact unit that can be set on a desktop or can be easily mounted to a pipe (horizontal or vertical) or wall. If protection from the elements, washdown, or tampering is needed it is available mounted in a NEMA 4 cabinet with a crystal clear, lockable, hinged front panel. All wires connect to the unit with simple push-in connectors — no opening the enclosure or using screw terminals.

remote button for batch controllerA weatherproof remote button is available that serves as another start/stop button and also provides the same indication as the BIG Blinking Blue Button™ that is on the main controller. This can be used as an emergency stop, or as the main start button for repetitive batches where the volume does not need to change. Another application for this button is to allow a customer to start a batch but not change the volume. Programs are available that only allow for one batch to be dispensed using the remote button. Then an authorized person needs to reset the controller on the main ABC-2020 unit.

There are a growing number of standard programs available to choose from for the ABC-2020. The differences between programs revolve mainly around the resolution; which is tied to the pulse rate of the meter: 10 pulses per gallon, 1 pulse per gallon, 1 pulse per 10 gallons, etc. Some programs include a lockout feature that disables the remote start button after a batch completes. Customized programs are also available if needed

Systems and Components
Typical system packages include multi-jet or positive displacement water meters and 12 VDC solenoid or ball valves. For use with a pump, a pump control relay is available and allows this little unit to control a 120VAC pump.

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