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We Make Valve Automation Easy

V-Ball Control Valve Replaces Costly Globe Valve

Specialty Chemical Company Sold on V-Ball Control Valves For Heat Exchangers


A specialty chemical company was looking for a cost effective alternative to expensive globe control valves on their heat exchangers. Troubleshooting globe control valves during maintenance was time consuming, repairs were difficult and replacement costs were astronomical.


Assured Automation was contacted for a solution. They recommended the V Series V-ball control valve in which a v-slotted ball replaces the standard full port ball in a typical ball valve that the engineers were familiar with. The V-slotted Ball valve offers the fine Cv control the plant needed to match the performance of the existing globe control valves.

V-Ball Control Valve

The engineers liked the ball valve design with standard ISO/NAMUR pneumatic actuators and electro pneumatic positioners. These components are all standard items they have throughout the plant and could be easily maintained and repaired by their maintenance staff.

Components of the V-Ball control valve could be replaced or swapped in minutes by plant maintenance, a maintenance process that took days with the globe control valves.

Complex linkages were replaced with standardized ISO/NAMUR brackets. The V Series valves provided the control the engineers required at a fraction of the cost of  globe control valves.

The V Series is available in a variety of end connections (NPT, Socket Weld, Flanged, Triclamp). Various materials of construction are also offered. Actuation can be supplied with pneumatic actuators or all electric actuation. Sizes range from 1/2″ to 8″

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