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Tag: Water Meters

  • Magnetic Flow Meter Basics

    Magnetic Flow Meter Basics

    A magnetic flow meter, also referred to as mag flow meter or magmeter, is a volumetric flow meter that measures liquids or liquid slurries that have a minimum conductivity of 5 µS/cm.  Magnetic flow meters will typically not work with hydrocarbons, distilled water, non-aqueous solutions and non-conductive solutions. Magnetic flow meters utilize Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic…

  • Water Meter Troubleshooting

    Water Meter Troubleshooting

    On occasion our sales team will receive a troubleshooting call relating to one of our products. The following pertains to a WM-NLC water meter that was not registering flow rates properly. Problem: The customer was using a WM-NLC flow meter to measure the blow down water on his building’s process cooling system. During his weekly inspection of the meter, he noticed that  “the…

  • Monitoring and Metering Water Consumption Across America’s Golf Courses

    Monitoring and Metering Water Consumption Across America’s Golf Courses

    TM Series Digital Flow Meter for Metering Water Usage Golf courses, municipalities, even families trying to ration their water consumption rely on inexpensive and durable water meters, like the TM Series Digital Flow Meter sold by Assured Automation. Water meters provide a quantitative analysis of water consumption reduction efforts, and by calculating irrigation volumes, they enable…