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Flavor and Fragrance Company Upgrades To Automated System Utilizing Clustered Angle Valves

Problem: A flavor and fragrance (F &F) company was looking to upgrade its plant from manual pours to an automated system. They utilized almost 100 different liquids and minimizing the footprint of all these automated valves was a concern. The … Continue reading

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Air Dryer OEM Uses Angle Valves to Replace Problematic Diaphragm Valves

Looking for a valve to replace discontinued Aquamatic Valves? Try Assured Automation Angle Valves PROBLEM: An OEM of heatless regenerative air dryers was having problems with their current supplier of diaphragm operated valves. The current diaphragm valves were not lasting … Continue reading

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High Cycle-life Valves for Architectural Fountains

Designers and Manufacturers of Custom Fountains rely on Assured Automation for valves with high life cycle and smaller footprints Equipment used in interactive display fountains must meet specific and demanding requirements. For reliable performance, flexibility and endurance, manufacturers require valves … Continue reading

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Pro Golfers Take A Swing At Brewing

While overall beer sales have remained flat in the US over the past two years, the craft beer industry has risen from 10% of the2012 beer market and is predicted to capture 20% by the end of 2014. Craft brewers … Continue reading

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Angle Body Valve Product Training Presentation

The following is a transcript created for the Assured Automation Angle Body Valve Product Training Presentation: Welcome to the Angle Body Valve product training presentation. Angle Body Valves are used in applications that require a high number of cycles and … Continue reading

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Fast Acting Angle Valve used in Filling Line Upgrade

Assured Automation Angle Valve Improves Production Capacity The Production Capacity Problem A major flavors company was looking to improve production capacity through automation. Operators had been pouring each product into totes in precisely measured portions. They either had to select … Continue reading

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