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Welcome to the Angle Body Valve product training presentation.

Angle Body Valves are used in applications that require a high number of cycles and where a full ported valve is not required. They are normally less expensive than pneumatically actuated ball valves. The Ares and Zeus Series angle valves have been tested to millions of cycles. The number of cycles depends on the duty cycle, the pressure, the temperature, and primarily, whether the media passing through the valve is clean or has particulate present.

The Ares Valve has a 316 Stainless Steel Body, Plug, and Shaft, with a self-centering Teflon Seat. The Zeus Valve has a Bronze Body, with a Stainless Steel Shaft and Plug, and self-centering Teflon Seat.

For liquid applications, the flow should be from 2 to 1, so the fluid flows against the plug. This eliminates water hammer. For gas, and especially steam applications, the flow should be from 1 to 2.

The Angle Seat Valve has a NAMUR Mounting Pad, which allows for direct mounting of NAMUR style solenoid valves. The Angle Valve Product Page provides you with links to all the important information available. We will go through them quickly.

The Angle Valve Configurator makes the selection process easy, and it provides the price, the model number, and it allows you to select the proper accessories.

If you add the selection to the cart, you can then print a quote or email it.

The 3D CAD link allows you to download CAD Drawings in a variety of different formats.

The icons on the bottom of the page lead you to information on the steam, cross section, and accessories. The interactive demo shows you how the angle valve works and flow direction recommendations. The literature section gives you links to datasheets, price lists, and installation and maintenance manuals.

If you require specific information, visit the links or call our office for assistance on Angle Valve applications.

Thank you.

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