Air Dryer OEM Uses Angle Valves to Replace Problematic Diaphragm Valves

Looking for a valve to replace discontinued Aquamatic Valves? Try Assured Automation Angle Valves

An OEM of heatless regenerative air dryers was having problems with their current supplier of diaphragm operated valves. The current diaphragm valves were not lasting long, due to the high cycles the valves experienced on a daily basis. The valves had to be rebuilt by their customers on a regular basis and deliveries on parts were becoming increasingly delayed.

Assured Automation was contacted to suggest an alternate valve for this high cycle application. The Assured Automation sales engineer discussed the cause of the diaphragm valve failures, explaining that the diaphragm is flexed back and forth tens of thousands of times. This flexing causes the diaphragm to stretch and finally tear. Diaphragm valves are a low cost valve, but they are not designed withstand high field cycles.

The Assured Automation angle seatAlternative to discontinued Aquamatic Valves valve was suggested as a replacement to the current diaphragm valve. The angle valve features: dual Teflon stem packing, a pivoting seat head to ensure tight inline sealing, a piston actuator with cup seals that rotates 360 degrees, and a further retraction of the piston head to allow for a high flow Cv. Customers have experienced life cycles of up to 5 million in field applications.

The increased Cv improved the performance of their air dryer system, giving the air dryer OEM an added selling point compared to their competitors. Angle Valve inventory was available from stock at Assured Automation, which allowed them to reduce their inventory, while improving the delivery times of their regenerative air dryer system.

Customers were happy with this improved valve design on the air dryer, which reduced the amount of time they had to shut down to repair the old diaphragm valves. The improved valve design is helping them improve their image as one of the most reliable regenerative air dryers on the market.

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