OEM’s of Sterilizers, Autoclaves and Pasteurizers Rely on Assured Automation

Equipment used to sterilize and pasteurize are built with components that must meet specific, demanding requirements. For reliable performance, flexibility and endurance, manufacturers require valves which can deliver a high cycle life with minimal space requirements. To meet these stringent requirements, leading manufacturers rely on Assured Automation’s compact automated valves, stainless steel ball valves and high performance butterfly valves.

Common solenoid valves, ball valves and resilient seat butterfly valves cannot meet the high cycle demand of sterilizers, autoclaves and pasteurizers. Assured Automation offers  the angle seat valve, VAX coaxial valve , compact automated VA Valves and 36 Series stainless steel ball valves  for smaller lines sizes offering high cycle-life, durability,  reliability, and compact assembly. High performance butterfly valves are preferred for line sizes 3” and larger.

Assured Automation Products for Sterilizers, Autoclaves and Pasteurizers


Ares Angle Body Valve

Angle Seat Valves

Ares & Zeus Series Angle Seat Valves- 


  • The Angle Seat Valve is a 2/2-way pneumatically actuated piston valve for liquids, gases and steam.  The superior design of the piston is unique to the market, enabling the plug to retract farther from the flow path, ensuring the highest flow capacity. The dual packing design, and a large diameter self aligning stem insures the highest cycle life.



compact valve

VA Series- Compact Automated ON/OFF Valve

VA Compact Automated Valves

  • The VA Series combines a pneumatic actuator and fast on-off control valve into one body, eliminating packing glands, actuators and mounting kits. There are no exposed moving parts, eliminating pinch points and increasing operator safety. Since the actuator is part of the valve, costs are greatly reduced when compared to standard actuated valves. Operating life has been tested to well over 1,000,000 cycles, the balanced design reduces friction and wear.




VAX High Pressure Coaxial Valve

VAX Coaxial Valves-

  • VAX Series coaxial valves have been proven in the control of vacuum and gaseous, liquid, gelatinous and highly viscous  media. The compact design, fast cycle speed and high duty cycles (1 Million +) make them ideal for OEM equipment manufacturers.



36 Series SS Ball Valve

36 Series SS Ball Valve

36 Series Stainless Steel Ball Valves-

  • The 36 is a full port, 316 stainless steel, 3 piece ball valve. It is available with threaded ends (36N), socket weld ends (36S), quick clamp ends (36C) or quick clamp ends with cavity filler seats (36CCF*). It can be equipped with a manual handle or with pneumatic or electric actuators.



High Performance Butterfly Valves

High Performance Butterfly Valves

High Performance Butterfly Valves-

  • The HPW/HPL is a high performance soft seated, metal seated, fire safe butterfly valve. Body material is either Carbon steel or 316 Stainless Steel. Connections are  wafer style (HPW) or lug style (HPL) and are either 150 or 300 lb. ANSI rated. Equipped with a manual handle or with pneumatic or electric actuators. Excellent for steam applications.


In addition to our standard products, Assured Automation offers special order and custom assemblies for unique applications. Our experience in project and special valve automation spas over 25 years.


About Kim O'Neill

Marketing administrator at Assured Automation, a leading provider of automated valves and flow components for industrial process control applications. For over 30 years Assured Automation has provided state of the art automation to a diverse clientele ranging from small equipment manufacturers to Fortune 500 Manufacturing, Chemical and Pharmaceutical companies. The Assured Automation product line consists of a complete offering of standardized automated valve assemblies with a variety of commonly used accessory items. In addition, we offer complete valve automation services where we supply special automated valve assemblies designed around your specified products or your particular applications. Full design capabilities are offered including AutoCAD, Solidworks or other commonly used design and drawing programs. In addition to standard products, Assured Automation develops customized solutions for specific customer challenges. You can find Kim O'Neill on LinkedIn.
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