Assured Automation’s Kates Flow Rate Controller Used on Test Stands

Automotive Engineers needed a reliable flow rate controller for their emissions test stands. These stands test the efficiency of engines using  gasoline at varying temperatures to determine which temperatures produce optimum combustion.

The flow of gasoline needed to be held at a constant rate as it was warmed by passing over heating coils, the tests would run at 3° increments.

Accurate flow control was required to obtain uniform heating of the gasoline and to ensure the test validity.

Testing Parameters:



Unleaded Gasoline


3/4” FNPT


0.563 cps



Specific Gravity:




Source of flow:


Inlet Pressure:


Outlet Pressure:  

0-1 PSIG

Flow Range:

9.8,4.2 gpm


Kates Flow Rate Controller

Kates Flow Rate Controller

Although pressure regulators, needle valves, rotameters and control valve loops were considered, the Assured Automation Kates automatic flow rate controller was chosen for this application.

This flow rate controller maintained the flow of gasoline over the heating coils at a constant rate, allowing the tests to be successfully run at 3° increments, while maintaining an accuracy and repeatability of 1 ½%  of set point regardless of pressure fluctuations. The  automotive engineers also found the unit simple to operate and maintain.

Kates Product Specification:


Material of construction:

316SS, others


PTFE, Buna, Viton, others available

Max Work Pressure:


Max Temperature:

 400° F


 ± 1-1/2% of setpoint


± 1-1/2% of setpoint

Response time:

1-2 seconds

Turndown ratio:

25 to 1 (average)


FNPT, ANSI flanged, TriClamp

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