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We Make Valve Automation Easy

Conversion of the VA Series Valve Fail Position

This video shows the conversion of the VA series valve fail position from normally closed to normally open.

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In this video we will be converting a Normally Closed VA compact automated valve to Normally Open.

Before dissembling the VA valve please note that the VA is made of a nickel plated brass material. During dis-assembly the plating can create fine threads or metal fines. You must be very careful to clean off all this debris before reassembly to prevent damage to the soft seals.

Additional lubricant may be added to the valve if necessary. The lubricant must be compatible with the various soft seals the VA can be supplied with. We use the following Kluber lubricants based on seal material:

Kluber Lubricants Compatible with VA valves:
Parliq GTE 703-Synthetic lubricating grease
Unisilkon L50/2 –Rolling and plain bearing grease
Polylub GA352P-Adhesive long-term grease with good water resistance

One side of the VA Valve should be held securely in a vise.

VA Series
VA Series- Compact Automated ON/OFF Valve

A box head wrench should be used to remove the end cap. It is important to use a boxhead wrench, since the body is a brass material and can be deformed with large open end wrenches.

Once the end cap is removed the internal piston and spring can be removed. A light pulse of air may be required to push the piston out.

Once the piston and spring are removed you can modify the location of the spring to covert the fail position of the VA valve. In our situation we are going to move the spring to the other side of the piston to make the unit Fail Open.

Remove the piston, Remove the spring.

Once the particulate is completely removed the VA valve can be assembled in the correct configuration

Insert piston, insert spring, replace endcap, and tighten endcap

After assembly make sure to pressure test the VA Valve to ensure there are no leaks. Also make sure to update the label to reflect the new failure position as Normally Open

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