FM Fire-Safe Emergency Shutdown Protection for Fuel, Oil, Gas

Factory Mutual’s rigorous testing of the FM Fire-Safe ensures the quality and reliability of the shutdown system. Factory Mutual certifies that the FM Fire-Safe emergency shutdown valves * have been tested and will protect properties from loss according to their internationally recognized FM 7440 standard for liquid and gas safety shutoff.

FM Fire-Safe ESD Emergency Shutdown

FM Fire-Safe 3-Piece Ball Valve ESD

FM Fire-Safe Flanged Ball Valve Assembly ESD Emergency Shutdown Valve

FM Fire-Safe Flanged Ball Valve ESD

FM Fire-Safe Butterfly Valve Assembly ESD Emergency Shutdown

FM Fire-Safe Butterfly Valve Assembly ESD

To meet this standard, the FM Fire-Safe emergency shutdown valves with thermal shutoff actuators undergo rigorous testing over a wide temperature range.

The emergency shutdown ESD ball valves with Fire-Tite® seat and seals meet the safety requirements of API 607. The integrity of the Fire-Tite® seals is maintained at temperatures up to 1800°F for at least 30 minutes.

The valves are approved for all media types, including flammable gases, liquids and toxic fluids. When the ambient temperature reaches its trigger temperture due to fire conditions. the FM Fire-Safe automatically closes a normally open valve to shut down the flow of flammable media, or opens a normally closed valve to release fire retardants.

With a wide selection of options that include a 3-piece ball valve assembly, a flanged ball valve assembly, a butterfly valve assembly, and options for both thermal and electro-thermal shutoffs, the FM Fire-Safe is preferred choice for emergency shut down systems for fuel, oil and gas systems.

Since the FM Fire-Safe does not require an air supply, and is well suited for both local and remote locations, including:

  • Wellhead ESD & choke valve control
  • Pipeline metering pressure control & remote ESD
  • Inlet and outlet flow control for fuel storage
  • ESD for fuel storage terminals (ROSOV)
  • Petroleum & hazardous substances road tanker loading ESD
  • Aviation fuel control, fuel line pressure control and ESD
  • Oil / gas refinery fire valves
  • Fire water system- pressure control & fail safe distribution valves
  • Hydrocarbon vapor recovery systems
  • Methanol injection control
  • Flare stack ESD and pressure control
  • Pump suction and discharge metering facilities
  • Ballast control for floating production vessels
  • Activated sludge – aeration tanks control WWTP
  • Methane recovery flow & temperature control
  • Gas turbine ESD valves
  • Glass manufacturing temperature control
  • Mining and quarry hydrosizer control
  • Burner Management Systems

*FM Approval through Memry Corp

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