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Wiring E and C Series Namur Mount Solenoid Valve Series

This is the wiring instructions for the E and C Series Namur Mount Solenoid Valves by Assured Automation

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This is the wiring instruction video for the Assured Automation E and C Series namur solenoid valves . These solenoids can be supplied with a variety of coiled voltages. So be sure to confirm the voltage of the coil before wiring.

Both solenoid series are available with potted coils with 18″ wire leads or with DIN connector coils.

E Series Solenoid
E Series Solenoid

To Remove the connector for wiring first remove the screw holding the DIN Connector to the solenoid coil.  Pull the DIN connector off the solenoid coil. Here is what your E Series should look like after you remove the DIN Connector.

The wiring terminals for the DIN connector can now be accessed by putting a small screwdriver in the connector and separating the two pieces.

C Series Solenoid
C Series Solenoid

The three wiring terminals are now exposed. Terminals 1 and 2 are where you terminateyour power, they are not polarity sensitive.  Termal 3 is for the ground. After wiring reassemble the connector to the coil.

Here is an E Series with 18″ wire leads. The black wires are the two that will be wired with power, they are not polarity sensitive. The green wire is for the ground.

Assured Automation: Your Source for Manual & Automated Valves and Flow Meters.

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