Concrete Contractor/Equipment Companies Use Assured Automation A1 Series Flow Meters to Monitor Water

 Concrete Flow Meter: Economy Series and A1 Series

A redi mix concrete company was encountering monetary loss due to batch quality differences. Drivers were manually adding water on site to bring the concrete mix to a suitable slump rating. The amount of added water was very subjective and was not monitored which caused variances in batches and quality of product.


Because the strength of the concrete is largely dependent on the amount of water used in the mix, it is critical to monitor the amount that is added accurately.

Assured Automation suggested the A1 Series flow meter  which is placed in line on the truck to monitor any water added to the mix as well as the  Economy Series  concrete flow meter to monitor any water added to the mix.


It is necessary to monitor the amount of water added to the cement batch in the mixing truck after it has left the batch plant.

Several state Departments of Transportation require that if a truck will be used in DOT contract work, it will be equipped with a concrete flow meter and any water added to the mix will be logged as the strength of concrete is dependent, to a large degree, on the amount of water used in the mix.

All DOT and most other contracts specify the “slump” or stiffness of the mix along with a list of other attributes. Redi-mix plants maintain very specific recipes for the different grades of concrete.

When excess water is added in the field, the quality of concrete is compromised. It is very important that the redi-mix company and the customer can verify that any specific batch falls within the tolerances of the original recipe.

The  concrete flow meter is placed in-line on the truck between the water storage tank and the mixing drum. Valves are arranged so that any water added to the mixing drum will be metered accurately.

Advantages of Assured Automation A1 Series Flow Meters and Economy Series Water Meters

  • Battery operated Compact Design
  • NEMA 4 Enclosure
  • Accurate
  • Not dependent on mounting orientation
  • Remote display option (A1 meters only)

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Assured Automation A1 Series Flow Meters Cement Mixing Application Schematic

Assured Automation A1 Series Flow Meters Cement Mixing Application Schematic










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