33D 3-Way Stainless Steel Ball Valves

Assured Automation’s 33D Series Full Port, 3 way stainless steel ball valves

Assured Automation 33D 3-Way Diverter Valves
  • Full Port for unrestricted flow
  • Blow-out proof stem
  • Live-loaded Pyramidal stem seal design
  • Integrated mounting pad for actuators
  • Compact assembly
  • Complete line of accessories
  • Available Actuators: Electric, Pneumatic (spring return), Pneumatic (double acting), Manual Handle

Quick, Easy and Accurate Order Specifications

When purchasing 3-way stainless steel ball valves engineers use Assured Automation’s online configurator to quickly and accurately select the valve assembly that meets their unique needs. The configurator allows them to specify and verify port arrangements for “L Port” and “T Port” valves.

For example, to select a “T Port” valve configuration, buyers select one of the five flow plans from a visual cross-section diagram, eliminating flow path surprises and problems when the valve is installed.

Assured Automation’s 33D Series full port, 3-way ball valves are made from 316 stainless steel and are equipped with NPT threaded (1/4″ to 2″) ends. The 33D Series can be equipped with a manual handle or with direct mount pneumatic or electric actuators. The direct mount actuators eliminate the valve-actuator mounting kit, which adds unnecessary height and expense. A full range of accessory items are available including limit switches, solenoid valves, positioners and manual override devices.


  • Material: Body, Ball, & Stem – 316SS
  • Seats – RPTFE
  • Stem Seals – PTFE, Viton® or RPTFE
  • End Connections: NPT Threaded (1/4″ to 2″)
  • Temperature Range: -20 to 400°F
  • Max. Pressure: 800 PSIG

Typical Applications

The 33D Series Ball Valves are used in applications that require managing higher pressure flow from three sources where complete shut-off is and reliable performance is required, such as:

  • Air Drying Equipment
  • Sterilizers
  • Autoclaves
  • Pollution Control Equipment
  • Process Control Applications
  • Laundry Equipment
  • Textile Dyeing & Drying
  • Bottling & Dispensing Equipment
  • Ink & Paint Dispensing

For More Information
More information on the Assured Automation Angle Valve can be found at:

Flanged Ball Valves

Visit the 33D Series 3-Way Stainless Steel Full Port Ball Valves Product Page

Configure & Buy 33D Series 3-Way Stainless Steel Full Port Ball Valves Online

Configure & Purchase 33D Series 3-Way Stainless Steel Full Port Ball Valves Online

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