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We Make Valve Automation Easy

Low-cost Modulating Steam Valve for Pharmaceutical Reactor Jackets


A pharmaceutical company was looking for a low cost modulating steam valve for controlling temperature on process reactor jackets.

High-cost globe control valves were consuming large portions of the company’s project budget and were pushing out their project completion times with deliveries running over 20 weeks

Assured Automation was contacted to advise possible solutions for this low-pressure steam application.


modulating steam valve

A modulating angle seat valve was suggested as a replacement for the globe control valve.

Angle valves are designed for high cycle applications which will provide excellent control with the PRISM modulating control top.

The angle valve with Prism PI positioner is a stock item and is available immediately.

Features and Benefits:

The angle valve features a dual Teflon stem packing, a pivoting seat head to ensure tight inline sealing, a piston actuator with cup seals that rotates 360 degrees, and a unique piston head to allow for a high flow Cv. Customers have experienced life cycles of up to 5 million in field applications.

The Assured Automation angle body valve is available in 3/8”-2” in brass or stainless with NPT, tri-clamp or flanged ends.

The PRISM unit works with a linear sensor and miniature solenoids to modulate. 24VDC power is required for the solenoids. A separate 4-20mA signal is required for the modulating control.

A visual LED shows the valve position. (RED-full closed, Yellow-mid, Green-full open)


The pharmaceutical company ordered 20 of the modulating angle body valve assemblies to control temperature on the reactor jackets.

The maintenance team appreciated how easy this assembly was to work with and maintain. The angle valve with Prism modulating control top is now the specified valve for low-pressure steam control applications.

“These valves were a fraction of the cost compared to conventional globe control valves and were received quickly. They performed great and gave fantastic visual indication with their LED lights.“

Additional Information:

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