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We Make Valve Automation Easy

High Performance Butterfly Valves Reduce HVAC Maintenance


A large commercial building had resilient seat butterfly valves installed on its HVAC system water lines. They found that the resilient seat butterfly valves wore out quickly from the constant modulating during the summer months. The seats would begin to leak and costly maintenance to replace them was required.


Assured Automation suggested high performance butterfly valves with double offset shafts, which reduce the seat friction while modulating. The double offset design allows the disc to cam off the seat and eliminates seat contact once slightly open. The butterfly valve disc can then modulate freely with no seat wear. The resilient seat butterfly valve on the other hand constantly rubs at the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions as the disc rotates.

High performance butterfly valves have proven to provide bubble-tight sealing up to 4 times longer than resilient seat butterfly valves and will provide years of maintenance-free performance, which building owners and property managers like to hear.

High Performance Butterfly Valves for HVAC water lines

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