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We Make Valve Automation Easy

Flavor Manufacturing Plant Uses Assured Automation’s V Series V Port Ball Valve to Control Reactor Temperatures

Featured Application: V-Port Ball Valve Series

Flavor Manufacturing Plant uses Assured Automation’s V Series V Port Ball Valve to control reactor temperatures


A major flavor manufacturing plant was seeking to improve their reactor temperatures without incurring the high cost of typical globe control valves.  Globe control valves have a high initial cost as well as a high maintenance cost, as they often need to be returned to the manufacturer for maintenance which can often result in long periods of reactor shutdown and subsequent revenue loss.


Assured Automation introduced the V Series V Port ball valve line to the end user. The low initial cost of the V port ball valve package compared to globe valves was very attractive. The ease of maintenance sold the plant engineers on the package. The slotted ball valve seats could easily be replaced by plant maintenance. Actuators and positioners could be readily removed with 4 bolts. Plant maintenance was confident they could easily troubleshoot problems with this valve package, their reactor could be up and running in a matter of minutes, not days.

The maintenance engineer installed the V Series V slotted ball valves and was impressed with the control they achieved. The package was as easy to maintain as any automated ball valve in the plant. They have now standardized on the V Series for all their reactor control applications.

V Series V Port 2-Way Control Valve – The V Series ball valve provides accurate control of down-steam flow rates, from simple on-off to modulation control applications. The throttling part of the valve is a solid stainless steel ball, not a seat insert like others. The unique V Series ball design is forgiving, accommodating, and characterized to meet all custom flow requirements.

For more information, check out the V Series Flow Meter Datasheet:

The V Series is part of our complete range of valves and flow meters, engineered and manufactured to strict quality, performance and dimensional standards.

V Port Ball Valves
V-Series V-Port Ball Valve

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