Electric Car Manufacturer Switches to High Performance Utility Valve


An electric car manufacturer was experiencing leakage problems with resilient seated butterfly valves used in utility service applications.  Cycling these valves several times a day was causing leakage at the 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock positions on the valve’s resilient seat. Resilient seat butterfly valves are known to wear at the seat due to rubbing as the valve rotates. Over time the constant wearing eventually leads to leak paths.

Assured Automation was consulted to discuss the issue and to suggest a utility valve that would solve this issue.


high performance butterfly valve for utility service

Assured Automation recommended the HP series high performance butterfly valve as they do not have this seat wear issue.

High performance butterfly valves feature a double offset configuration. Seat displacement occurs with a primary and secondary offset- the offset between the shaft and the centerline of the disc seat and body seal and the offset from the centerline of the bore.

This double offset design of the stem allows the high performance butterfly valve to function similarly to a bank vault door opening. The butterfly disc cams as it turns, so in the first couple of degrees turning, the disc cams off the seat and does not touch it as it cycles further. Without contact and wear the butterfly seat of the HP Series last years longer than resilient seat equivalents.


The electric car manufacturer has standardized on the HP Series high performance butterfly valve in water and HVAC utility applications. Using the HP Series has helped to eliminate shutdowns and the constant replacement of the resilient seat butterfly valve seats.

The S4 electric actuator was specified as the preferred actuator model.

The S4 is a multi-voltage electric actuator that incorporates automatic voltage sensing and allows for AC or DC supply anywhere from 24 to 220 volts

“Having a single actuator that will work in any portion of the plant, whether there is AC or DC power, saves us from having to maintain multiple electric actuators in our storerooms.” ~Plant Engineer


Customer TypeElectric Car Manufacturer Utility Valves
Application            Butterfly Valve for Utility Services   
Valve SeriesHP Series, high performance soft seated, metal seated, fire safe butterfly valve- available in carbon steel or SS with wafer or lug style connections. 150# or 300# ANSI rated with manual handle or pneumatic or electric actuators. 2” to 12” line sizes. Full range of accessory items available including limit switches, solenoid valves and positioners. Typical Applications include Power, Water, HVAC, and Steam applications.
Actuator SeriesS4 Series Universal voltage industrial actuator. A quarter turn multi voltage (24 to 240 VAC/DC)electric valve actuator. IP67 weatherproof enclosure; Output Torque from 170 to 2600 in/lbs
Limit Switch2-SPDT Mechanical Switches, dry contact

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