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We Make Valve Automation Easy
We Make Valve Automation Easy
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SM Series "Sure Mount" Motorized Ball Valves

Nickle Plated or Lead Free Brass (1/2" to 2" NPT)
Buy an SM Series motorized ball valve

CSA & UL Approved


Ni Plated & Lead Free Brass Ball Valves

The SM series motorized ball valves are ideal for HVAC and industrial on/off and modulating applications. The quarter turn ball valve features a unique direct mount system that allows for extremely quick and easy actuator mounting, allowing for easy removal or replacement of the on/off or modulating compact electric actuator. Lead free brass valves are only available with on/off actuators.

Modulating Ball Valves (Control Ball Valves)

When used with a modulating actuator, there are various flow optimizers (ball port inserts) that can be selected to achieve a precise flow control range.

The addition of a parabolic disc to the full port ball valve converts the valve from a standard on/off ball valve to a more precise flow control valve. The disc, or "flow optimizing trim" makes the percentage of maximum flow increase evenly with direct relation to the percentage of the 90° rotation.

Motorized Valve Actuators Available

  • CE Series: on/off
  • CEKEP: modulating


Motorized Ball Valve Overview Video

Trim Disc (Flow Optimizer)

Motorized Ball Valve Cross Section

Features & Benefits

  • Simple, 1 clip-pin actuator mounting and removal system eliminates the cost, weight, and installation time required by other valve/actuator mounting systems that require brackets and multiple fasteners
  • Pre-wired with a cable lead eliminates the need for opening the actuator and wiring in the field
  • Manual override for emergency operation of the valve requires no special tools, just a standard screwdriver to switch to manual operation and wrench to rotate the valve (on/off actuators only.) All valves can be manually operated with a large screwdriver if the actuator is removed.
  • Two internal limit switches (0° and 90°) to indicate fully open and fully closed position on non modulating actuators
  • 100% testing to ensure quality of all valve assemblies
  • Visual position indicator
  • One size actuator fits all valve sizes which simplifies and reduces inventory
  • Rugged gearbox construction for extended service life

Typical Applications

  • Vacuum & high pressure applications (to 600 psi)
  • Gaseous, liquid, gelatinous or highly viscous media
  • High cycle applications
  • Precise mixing/dispensing
  • Process control applications
  • Ink & paint dispensing
  • Industrial compressors


End Connections
NPT Threaded (1/2" to 2")

Temperature Range

-4 to 266°F (-20 to 130°C)

-4 to 158°F (-20 to 70°C)

Pressure Ratings

Valve Body:
600 psi (41.36 bar)
non-shock cold working pressure

350 PSI (24.82 bar)
non-shock cold working pressure

Max. ΔP:
50 psi (3.45 bar)
for typical applications

Actuator Duty Cycle: 50%

Rotation: 90°

Limit Switch: 2 isolated end of travel

Heater: Available as special order - consult factory

Electrical Connection: 24" cable

Speed (On/Off): 4 sec. Nominal, 10 sec. Max.
(varies with valve size)

Speed (Modulating): 35 seconds

IP Rating: IP54
(Indoor use only! - protection from dust and splashing water)

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