Wiring B Series Electric Actuator with Modulating Positioner Board

This is the wiring instructions for the B Series Electric Actuator with Modulating Positioner Board by  Assured Automation

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A wiring diagram can be found on the inside cover of the actuator.

Safety First: Make sure all power is off.

To access the terminal strip remove the gray visual indicator cap and remove screws from the cover.

Wire your supply power to the unit.

For AC voltage units Neutral on 1, Hot on 2

B Series Electric Actuator
B Series Electric Actuator

For DC voltage units Positive on 1, negative on 2

You can now turn on the supply power to the actuator.

Now Wire your 4 to 20 milliamp control signal as follows using the 9 point terminal strip:

Positive on Terminal 2 of the positioner board, Negative on terminal 4- Make sure the control signal is powered and sending a signal to the unit. The unit will then move to the corresponding  control signal that is being sent to the unit.

A 4 to 20 milliamp feedback signal is available.  To receive this 4-20mA feedback signal, wire as follows on the 9 point terminal strip:  Positive on 8 and negative on 9

To engage the manual override, disconnect power

For the 300 and 500 Series -Pull de-clutching position indicator knob up and hold.Engage wrench on exposed shaft drive flats and move back and forth to disengage output shaft from drive train.After disengagement, rotate in desired direction.Once manual rotation is complete, remove the wrench and release the knob.

For the 800 Series Turn hand wheel in the direction desired, as marked.

Assured Automation: Your Source for Manual & Automated Valves and Flow Meters.

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