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Tag: Pet food manufacturing valves

  • Piggable Ball Valves

    Piggable Ball Valves

    3 Way Piggable Ball Valves Save Time and Money in Pigging Systems Problem: A major pet food manufacturer was designing a pigging system to clean process lines after product runs. A piggable ball valve that would launch a pig in two possible directions was required. Pigging refers to the practice of using devices known as “pigs” […]

  • 3 Way Ball Valve Package for Pet Food Manufacturer

    3 Way Ball Valve Package for Pet Food Manufacturer

    A pet food manufacturing plant required a sanitary diverter valve with no cavities to divert their process between two cook tanks. Assured Automation proposed a custom 3 way ball valve package. The assembly included a 3 way, cavity free diverter ball valve,  spring return pneumatic actuator and a FM approved explosion proof limit switch. This valve package solved the flow […]