FireChek® FC4 Series Heat Activated Shut-Off Valves

Testable, Resettable, Self-Activating, Easily Retrofit
Complete Series
By Itself
with Quick Exhaust
High Flow Pilot Valve
with FireChek
Solenoid Operated High Flow
Pilot Valve with FireChek
FireChek Thermal Shutoff Valves

Solenoid Operated High Flow Pilot Valves with FireChek

These assemblies function just like a larger version of the FireChek® valve by itself, however, they do so in a slighly different manner. They use a chain reaction where the FireChek® valve vents the solenoid valve, which in turn vents the actuator.


The FireChek® valve is pre-installed on the external pilot of the high flow solenoid. Models are available in 1/4" NAMUR mount or as an NPT ported, plate-mounted assemblies. Inline models are available upon request.

Solenoid Operated High Flow Pilot Valve with FireChek Valve Installed

FireChek Valve By Itself

Features & Benefits

  • Rapidly responds to temperature rise, NOT flames
  • Vents actuator air pressure
  • Closes actuator air supply line
  • Needs no power source, self activates
  • Compatible with ALL pneumatic actuators
  • No contact with process fluids
  • Easy to test and reset
  • Reliable, intrinsic triggering
  • Easily retrofit, installs in minutes
  • Valve Made in the USA

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Performance Specifications

  • Actuation time:
    25 seconds or less at a temperature rise rate of 30°F/min
  • Actuation Temperature:
    135, 150, or 165°F
  • Maximum Working Control Pressure:
    125 PSIG
  • Cv Values: (inlet & Outlet)
    1/4 NPT = 1.5
    3/8 NPT = 2.0
    1/2 NPT = 5.5
    1 NPT = 11.1


  • MEMRY® Shape Memory Alloy Actuator and Sensor
  • DELRIN® Thermal Insulators
  • BUNA-N O-rings
  • 300 Series SS Body Cover, Reset, Shuttle Cap, Pin, and Bias Spring


  • 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, or 1 inch FNPT threaded
  • 1/4 NAMUR with 1/4 inch FNPT inlet


  • see below

Normal Operation

Emergency Operation

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