Ares & Zeus Series Angle Seat Valves

High Cycle-Life Pneumatically Actuated Piston Valves;
NPT or Tri-Clamp (3/8" to 2")

Angle Valve Cutaway View with Features and Benefits

Angle Valve Cross Section

1) Lip seal placed in the cylinder rather than on the piston Longer stroke of the actuator and shutter will be achieved, providing higher flow rate (less flow loss).

Less wear of the seal
2) Metallic piston with CHEMICAL NICKEL coating (10-15 micron) Reduces the wear of the piston due to the achievement of agreater surface hardness (700-750 HV)
3) Seals pre-loaded by spring Allow to maintain energized the "chevron" seals (V) compensating the dimensional changes even in case of huge temperature fluctuations
4) CHEVRON seals (V shape) with 5 seals in the lower part of the spring and 3 seals in the upper part It ensures a perfect tightness even after a high number of cycles
5) Rolled shaft Less wear of the seals due to the low roughness (0,1 micron Radius) which facilitate the sliding of the shaft
6) Investment cast body Better fluidodynamic and reduction of the turbulence
7) Self-aligning seat It fits perfectly to the valve body ensuring the maximum
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