Using the Valve Configurator

In order to begin configuring a valve and get a quote:

valve configurator
Valve Configurator
  1. Click on the “Valve Configurator” icon located in the top right corner of the product description page, or
  2. Click on the product configurator link from the
    Home Page

By clicking on the “Valve Configurator” icon, you will be prompted to the valve’s configurator page.

In the screen shot of the ST Series Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve configurator page featured below, you can see that there are only four steps before the butterfly valve is completely configured to your specifications and a quote can be generated.

ST Butterfly Valve Configurator PageST Series Butterfly Valve Configurator Page

Step 1: Select Valve Size & Body Options

In Step 1 of the ST Series Butterfly Valve configuration, you will identify the size and body options of the valve. For the ST Series Butterfly Valves, we offer standard lug assemblies up through 24 inches and wafer assemblies up through 12 inches. ST Series Butterfly Valves come with either EPDM or BUNA Seal Materials, and Stem Extensions for the Butterfly Valve are optional.

Step 1: End Connections & Size

Step 2: Select Actuation Type

In Step 2 of the Valve configuration, you will select an Actuator Type. All available actuator types will be listed in this step. For the ST Series Butterfly Valves, pneumatic, electric, and manual valve actuation types are available.

Step 2: Valve Actuation

pneumatic butterfly valve options

By Selecting the Pneumatic Actuation type, a box with available Pneumatic Butterfly Valve Actuators will appear, along with available pneumatically actuated butterfly valve accessories – including solenoid valves, limit switches or positioners.

By Selecting the Electric Actuation type, a box with available Electric Butterfly Valve Actuators will appear. By selecting the Manual Actuation type, a box with available Manual Butterfly Valve options will appear, including a 10 Position Handle, Hand Wheel, and Chain Wheel with a customizable chain distance.

After selecting the Actuation Type and specifying any valve accessories, the valve’s image will change and the model number will be listed below the valve image. If any CAD files are available for the valve, a link to view/download the CAD File will be available beneath the Add to Cart Button.

Step 3: Select Valve Accessories

Any available valve accessories will be listed in Step 3. For our ST Series Butterfly Valves, this includes Installation Nuts & Bolts as well as Pipe Flanges.

Step 3: Valve Accessories

By clicking on the help icon next to the accessory listing, an animated video will appear to demonstrate the selected accessory.

Step 4: Select Quantity

add valves to cart

In Step 4, you can modify the number of configured valves that you would like to quote. If you are looking to quote more than one valve configuration, add your configured valve to your cart by clicking the Add to Cart button. After loading the valve to your cart, you can navigate to any other page on the Assured Automation website and proceed to checkout when you are ready.

By selecting View Cart, you can choose to print, email, or save your quote – or you can proceed to complete the purchase of your valves.

Click to watch the ST Series Butterfly Valve Configurator Webinar:

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