Using the Cart and Getting a Price Quote

Getting a Price Quote from Assured Automation is both quick and easy. By adding a valve, flow meter, or valve accessory to your cart, an automatically generated quote can be viewed online and printed or emailed. To add products to the cart:

Adding Valves to the Cart:

  1. Click on the “Valve Configurator” button at the top of the page describing the product or
  2. Click on the product link from the Home Page
  3. Select the valve size, end connections, body material, actuator type and options, and any accessories
  4. Select the quantity in the left column under the product image
  5. Click the “Add to Cart” button in the left column at the bottom of the screen – under the generated model number, description, unit price, quantity, and total price.

Adding Valve Actuators & Flow Meters to the Cart:

  1. Click on the “Get Pricing or Order Now” button at the top of the page describing the product or
  2. Click on the product link from the Home Page
  3. Click the “Add to Cart” button or Model Number for the size and configurations to be purchased.

Quoting Valve Accessories:

Valve Accessories are selectable and configured as part of our Valve Configurators. If you would like to order valve accessories individually, apart from a valve assembly:

  1. Complete a downloadable Quote Request Form and fax it to our sales office at 732-381-2328, or
  2. Phone in the order at (800) 899-0553.

Downloadable Quote Request Forms are also available from the Contact Us page.

To View, Print, and Email Valve Price Quotes Online:

valve configurator

To view and print a quote online, simply go to the product page for the valve of interest and click on the Valve Configurator Icon in the top right corner of the page.

This screen shot of the Assured Automation High Performance Butterfly Valve Product Page indicates where the Butterfly Valve can be configured – and from where a quote can be viewed and printed or emailed.

valve configurator

After configuring the end connections and the size of your valve or flow meter and its body material, its actuator type and power supply, and any required valve accessories, select the quantity desired and then click the Add to Cart button toward the bottom of the page. The Add to Cart button is located just beneath the valve or flow meter’s image and its unit quantity/price.

Downloadable CAD Files are accessible after valve configuration and are currently available for our ST Series Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves as well as our VA Series “Valve + Actuator” On-Off Valves.

Adding Your Valve, Actuator, or Flow Meter to Your Cart

By adding your valve, flow meter, or valve accessory to your cart, an online quote is automatically generated. From your cart, you can choose to print your quote, have the quote emailed, save the quote for later review, empty your cart, or proceed to checkout to complete your order.

save, print, or email your quote

To Continue Browsing After Loading Cart:

save, print, or email your quote

If you navigate to any other page on the Assured Automation website without emptying your cart or checking out, your cart will be saved while you remain on our website.

The contents of your cart will be listed in a cart navigation menu on the top of every page. You can easily view your cart, empty it, or proceed to checkout from the cart navigation menu. Your cart will be automatically updated by adding new items to it.

Printing and Faxing Quote Request Forms:

In order to print and fax a Quote Request Form, navigate to the Contact Us Page from the footer navigation menu.

contact assured automation

request for quote form

On the Contact Us Page, you will see Quote Request PDF available in the Printable Items section. Simply print this form, fill out your request, and Fax it to us at 732-381-2328 or
Phone in the order at 1-800-899-0553.

For further assistance, call us at 732-381-2255
or toll free at 1-800-0553

For help generating quotes, email our customer service representatives at

For help configuring valves, flow meters, or valve accessories, email our sales department at