WM Series Residential Water Meter Installation

How do I install a WM Series Residential Water Meter?

The following process provides instructions on how to install your new WM Series Residential Water Meter.

  1. Remove dirt and debris from the water line. Flush the water line that is upstream from where the meter will be installed.
  2. The meter can then be set  inline.
    Cold water meters: may be installed either vertically or horizontally.
    Hot water meters: can only be installed horizontally. The register should face upwards.
    Use Pipe dope or pipe tape on the seam furthest from the meter odometer.
  3. The water flow needs to follow the arrow cast on the meter body.
  4. To prevent damage to the meter, open any upstream valves slowly.
WM Series Digital Residential Water Meter Install

WM Series Residential Water Meter Install