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Automated & Manual Valves and Flow Meters

Flow Meters

Economy Series Water Meters, Battery Powered
Economy Series Fuel Meters, Battery Powered
A1 Series Nylon/Aluminum Commercial Flow Meters
G2 Series Stainless Steel Industrial Flow Meters
MPFM Series Multi-Purpose Flow Meters
TM Series PVC Light Duty Digital Flow Meters
WM Series Residential Water Meter/Submeters
WM-PC Series Plastic Water Meter/Submeters
WM-NLC Series Lead Free Bronze Water Meter/Submeters
LM Series Aluminum, Lube Oil Flow Meters

Valve Actuators

E Series 90 deg. (quarter turn) Actuators
F Series 90 deg. (quarter turn) Actuators
O Series 90 deg. (quarter turn) Actuators

EV Series Output Torque 150 to 300 in/lbs.
S4 Series Output Torque 170 to 2600 in/lbs.
K Series Output Torque 608 to 5208 in/lbs.
R Series Output Torque up to 600 in/lbs.
RM-150 Series Output Torque 150 in/lbs.
B Series Output Torque 150 to 20,000 in/lbs.

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Most of our products are available for:

Valve and Flow Meter Product Overview

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Automated Valves

VA Series High Cycle-life, Valve & Pneumatic Actuator
VAX Series High Pressure Coaxial Valves
Angle Seat Valves High Cycle-life Pneumatic Valves
J Series Brass 2-way Solenoid Valves
SM Series Motorized Brass 2-way Ball Valves

26 Series Stainless Steel Ball Valves (2-piece body)
36 Series Stainless Steel Ball Valves (3-piece body)
101 Series Nickel Plated Brass Ball Valves
150F-300F Series Flanged Ball Valves
P2 Series PVC & CPVC Ball Valves
911Series PFA Lined, 150 lb. Flanged
V Series V-Port Ball Valves
SM Series Motorized Brass 2-way Ball Valves

31D Series Brass 3-way Ball Valves
33D Series Stainless Steel 3-way Diverter Valves
MPF Series CS or SS Flanged 3-way Diverter Valves
PTP Series Plastic (PVC) 3-way Diverter Valves

FE Series Wafer Style PVC Butterfly Valves
FK Series Polypropylene Wafer/Lug Butterfly Valves
STW/STL Series Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves
HPW/HPL Series High Performance Butterfly Valves
008/009 Series PFA Lined, Wafer/Lug

061 Series PFA Lined, 150 lb. Flanged
067 Series 316SS, 150 lb. Flanged

Manual Valves

Manual Ball & Butterfly Valves with limit switches
21 Series 2-Way Stainless Steel Ball Valves
282 Series 2-Way Brass Ball Valves

Thermal & Remote Shutoff Valves

FM Fire-Safe Thermal and Electro-Thermal Shutoff Valves
EIV Series Emergency Isolation Valves
FireChek® Heat-Activated Pneumatic Shutoff
FireBag® Thermal Activated Shutoffs for Propane, Natural & Butane Gas

Lead Free Valves & Meters

112LF Series Lead Free Brass Check Valves
282LF Series Manual Lead Free Brass Ball Valves
250LF Series Automated Lead Free Brass Ball Valves
WM-NLC Series Lead Free Water Flow Meters

Valve Accessories

Limit Switches
NAMUR Mount Solenoid Valves
CB Series Weatherproof Control Boxes
Lockout Devices

Valves by Application

Valves by Type

Valves by Material

Valve Accessories

Flow Meters

Configure Manual Valves
with Limit Switches
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