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HP Series High Performance Butterfly Valves

Automated Lug Butterfly Valves and
Automated Wafer Butterfly Valves

Stainless & Carbon Steel High Performance Butterfly Valves [2" to 12"]

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HP High Performance Automated Lug Butterfly Valves and Automated Wafer Butterfly Valves

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High Performance Butterfly Valve Literature
High PerformanceAutomated Wafer Butterfly Valves Datasheet HPW - High Performance Automated Wafer Butterfly Valves Datasheet
High Performance Automated Lug Butterfly Valves Datasheet HPL - High Performance Automated Lug Butterfly Valves Datasheet
HPW: High Performance Wafer Butterfly Valves
HPL: High Performance Lug Butterfly Valves

High Performance Butterfly Valve Description
The HPW/HPL is a high performance soft seated, metal seated, fire safe butterfly valve. Body material is either Carbon steel or 316 Stainless Steel. Connections are either wafer style (HPW) or lug style (HPL) and are either 150 or 300 lb. ANSI rated. It can be equipped with a manual handle or with pneumatic or electric actuators. A full range of accessory items are available including limit switches, solenoid valves, positioners manual override devices, and bolt and flange kits.

Features & Benefits
  • Class VI shut-off, Bubble tight
  • Advanced Seat Design: provides a bi-directional interference and pressure assisted seal. This provides maximum seal at high, medium and low pressures.
  • Extended Neck: Allows for up to two inches of pipe insulation.
  • Positive Seal Packing Design: PTFE is a cup and cone system and Graphite is die formed rings.
  • Graphite Impregnated or Reinforced 316 SS Bearings ensure long service life.
  • High Strength 17-4 ph SS Stem provides maximum srtrength for high-torque applications.
  • Quick-Release Disc Design reduces amount of torque needed to un-seat disc.
  • Disc Taper Pins: Pins are offset from the center of the stem which places them in compression rather than in sheer. This gives them a yeild point greater than the stem itself.
  • Integrally Cast Disc Position Stop: Machined position stop on the body locates the disc in the seat to achieve maximum seat and seal life.
End Connections
  • 2" to 12" Wafer Flange
  • 2" to 12" Lugged Flange
  • Seat - RPTFE
  • Disc - 316 SS
  • Body - Carbon Steel or SS
Temperature Range:
  • -4 to 450 °F
Max. Pressure:
  • 150# - Max 285psi
  • 300# - 740psi
Dead End Service: (Lug type only)
Downstream Flange is recommended
  • 150 PSI (2" to 12")
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Available Actuators
  • Electric
  • Pneumatic (spring return)
  • Pneumatic (double acting)
  • Manual Handle Lever
  • Manual Geared Hand Wheel
Typical Applications
  • Chemical / Petro-Chemical
  • Liquified Gas / Refrigeration
  • Power / Co-Generation Plants
  • Steel and Iron Works
  • Pulp and Paper Mills
  • Oil Refineries and Oil Field
  • Hydrocarbon Processing
  • Gas Piping
  • Steam
  • HVAC
  • Custom Butterfly Valve Assemblies
Certifications & Approvals
  • Meets MSS SP-67 and API-609 Certifications
  • ISO 9001 by LRQA. certificate No.K981064
  • Canada registration No CRN 0C0569.9C valves
  • CE/PED approval... by LLOYDS certification No RPS0160308/01
  • Products approval...South Africa SABS, No.7222/145532/VH136
High Performance Butterfly Valve Installation
Wafer Butterfly Valves
install between flanges and bolts span the body.

Lug Butterfly Valves
install between flanges and bolts are threaded into tapped holes from
each side of mounting flange.
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